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The Advantage Of Gravity Die Casting Technology In Using Of Casting Faucet Made Of Copper Material
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Every faucet casting production cost(Yuan/piece)






Core box







Sand core












0. 0.255



Calculation Condition

●machine:1set of 90KW electric furnace; 3 sets of core blower machine;2 sets of gravity die casting machine; 1set of mix sand machine;1set of cleaning machine;

staff3 people for core sand3 people for gravity die casting(including add material to electric furnace)2 people for edge polishing

●products pass rate92%98%

●unit casting net wight: 1.3KG

●electricity consumption for electric furnace calculated as 80 kilowatt-hour/hourmelting furnace45KWholding furnace 45KW,actual consumption for holding furnace is 30 kilowatt-hour/hour)。

●based on the calculation of three shifts production

Other factors should be considered compared with foundry casting

●low losses of copper material: No matter of composition brass or copper ingot, their weight losses are around 7% when melting every time. Due to high yield of gravity die casting Technology, low pouring temperature as well as small sprue gate, the copper losses is small

●high proportion of finished casting products, that is to say small sprue gate: finished casting to sprue gate ratio is usually about 4:1 to 5:1 in our company’s gravity die casting Technology,that’s to say small sprue gate,while 2:1to1:1 for foundry casting,in other words,big sprue gate.

●high quality: Because we use core shooting machine to make sand core, every parts of  sand core intensity is the same and hard,there is no problem of loose,rough surface and combine of sand and copper when casting. As sand core match well with mould,the wall thickness of casting is well-distributed and no problem of blister. Material of Working mould is steel or beryllium copper, the surface is smooth,so the surface of casting is also smooth, while sand mould’s material is loose and intolerance of copper water,some parts are easy to have the above problem.


●products grade and price:Because of our products high inner quality, they can be in the rank of middle or high grade,can raise the lever.

●the cost of recycled copper:the reject rate of foundry casting is higher than die casting, it’s wast of cost in the workshop. Compared with die casting, it raise corresponding cost, in other words, gravity die casting technology can lower the consumption and save energy.

●the cost of machining, polishing and electroplating reject product: reject casting products sometimes will be found when doing other processes,since at this time it has corresponding cost, more reject products more cost.It increase other processes’s cost, Although the process of sand casting itself is low cost.

●Since high pass rate of casting and smooth of inner and outer surface, it is easy for machining and polishing, and raise production efficiency and reduce the cost.

● because of high labor efficiency, we can reduce operator and labor cost:The smallest unit for die casting only need 7 people, they can pour 900-1200 piece of mould every shift(8 hours), while foundry casting needs more than 14 people.

●restricted to the environmental protection when blowdown: smoke pollution makes by coal-fired and fuelm,which is restricted to the environmental protection.

●less cover on area: compact construction of machine, complete-function,security and reliable

●complete- set of machine procedure,easy to operate,short time familiar, and light work.


Note: above faucet cost calculation is our company’s calculation way, not indluding management fee, for referece only.



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