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  • PN2B315 Gravity Die Casting Machine
  • Model No: PN2B315
  • Technical parameters:
  • This machine is mainly used for casting aluminum products, zinc alloy products
    1、Workbench size:1400mm(L)×610mm(W)
    2、Mold board size: 400×200mm
    3、Diameter/ stroke of left& right mold engage cylinder: 80/160mm
    4、Distance between left and right mole engages: 350~670mm
    5、Center height of left& right mold: 130mm
    6、Distance between top mold board and workbench: 300~550mm
    7、Distance between bottom handing core and workbench: 90~160mm; stroke:70mm
    8、Workbench height: 620mm  
    9、Power: 5.5KW
    10、Pressure of Hydraulic pressure system: 12Mpa
    11、Electric control working ways:manual/single/automatic
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