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  • PN2B650-ZS
  • Model No:
  • Technical parameters:
  • 1. Device: PLC control
    2. Operation: Hydraulic system transmission, water cooling test cooling system (1 hydraulic main pump system can control 3 pouring machines).
    3. Pouring function: inclined pouring, inclined positioning pouring, horizontal pouring.
    4. The tubing interface is divided into six separate control channels, which can be used to connect the closing and opening cylinders, and the operation of the opening and closing mode is controlled by time. The equipment is not equipped with the opening and closing mode cylinders. (The customer has designed the opening and closing cylinder on the die)
    5. Casting rotation speed and time can be adjusted: inclined casting angle 0-90 degrees.
    6. Mould cooling time can be adjusted. It can be cooled in zones with two air outlets (numbered 1-2).
    7. Workbench size: 900*700*100mm.
    8. Rotary rack cylinder 150*250mm
    9. Extrusion cylinder 100 * 50mm adjustable 40mm
    10. Ejector: 250*250*20
    11. Maximum die weight: 400 kgs.
    12. Rotary bearing capacity of worktable 1000 kgs
    13. Power: 7.5KW.
    14. Fuel tank volume: 250L.
    15. Working oil pressure: 30-40 kg/cm2.
    16. Curing time: adjustable.
    17. The casting process time can be displayed.
    18. Temperature of the die can be displayed and the heating of the die can be controlled by time.
    19. There is a mould water cooling pipeline system with one inlet and one outlet for the upper and lower dies. (The water source for the equipment and the connecting pipe for the mould are provided by the customer.)
    20. There is a heating system for the mould. (The connecting line and heating rod of the mould are provided by the customer.)
    There are two heating modes, which can be divided into two sections (total power 10 000 W).
    21. Net weight of equipment: about 1500kg
    20. Machine specifications: 1997*1543*1765
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